Sarandeado Fish (Barbecued fish on a stick) 600 grs. $ 350.00
Whole fish prepared whit huichol sauce, barbecued and served with a Mexican salad.
Block of fish “Tikinxic style” 200 grs. $ 300.00
Marinated with achiote and sour orange, slow cooked in the oven. Served with Mexican salad and jardinera rice.
Fish fat your choice 200 grs. $ 270.00
Garlic sauce, ajillo sauce, breaded or Veracruz style served with Mexican salad and jardinera rice.
Fish on the day - emperador 200 grs. $ 320.00
Fish filled marinated in dried chili peppers with shrimps, served with roasted banana and Mexican rice.
Sea food stew with ajillo sauce $ 320.00
Shrimps, squid, octupus and fish, guajillo chili pepper, onion, garlic and coriander, served with rice and avocado.

* Prices in Mexican pesos 16% tax included.

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Zona Hotelera entrando a Punta CancĂșn.


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